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Napa is a self-made, innovative and forward thinking property investor with over three (3) years’ experience in the rent-to-rent market. An expert in the rent to rent property strategy, he has amassed an impressive portfolio of properties across London and surrounding boroughs. His inspirational life story from homelessness and joblessness to property investor and business owner has proven his self-developed strategies for wealth accumulation. In addition to running his own property business, Napa also offers an intensive 1-to-1 mentoring programme with 100% success rate. His hands-on approach and breadth of knowledge has gained him the respect of his peers and growing clientele. He is the MasterChef of the property industry, easily recognisable by his popular catchphrase ‘we cookin’. He is a speaker and an author, with his first book scheduled for release on 5th July 2019.

 In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, writing and giving back to his community.


Rent-to-Rent is a property strategy that allows you to take control of a property you do not own and yet, make money from it. This is achieved by renting or leasing a single-let property and re-letting the rooms out on an individual basis. The profit margin is calculated by the total income from the rooms let minus the rent paid to the landlord and expenses i.e. bills.


7 Days On the Mentoring Package with Napa and already collecting the keys for my first deal.It’s a nice 6 bedroom HMO with garden, the property comes furnished and I couldn’t have not done it without him This property will cash flow around £900!!!Now, I look forward to filling the house with great tenants.Thank you so much Napa!!!

Ornella Jacobs



6 Week duration 

1 Hour Coaching


Call every 10 days

Whats app support 

6 Urgency calls


8 Week duration

1 Hour Coaching Call every 10 Days

1 Hour Face to Face meet up


Day in your goldmine area


Whats app support


Rent To Rent deal analyser


12 Week duration

1 Coaching Call per Week 


2 Face To Face meet ups


3 Days in your Goldmine area


Whats app support 


1 To 1 full Rent To Rent day training 


All Rent To Rent documents


Rent To Rent deal analyser 

I will travel to you 

Access to private facebook group 


6 months duration

1 hour phone call Per Week 

4 Face To Face meet ups 

6 Days in your Goldmine area

Whats app support 

1 To 1 Rent To Rent day training 

All Rent To Rent documents 

Rent To Rent deal analyser

I will travel to you

Access to private facebook group

Rent To Rent blue print book 

3 Hours coaching with Benn Walford (Property Personal Branding Specialist)

Lifetime FREE access to Mastermind group

Exclusive Access to funding

(Subject to status)

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